Hi!  I have another blog called Stupid Things (www.stupidthings89.wordpress.com) where I keep, well, stupid stuff, as well as sad –  it’s unfortunate but no one’s to blame – kind of stuff.  I have found it impossible to put everything onto one blog because I think that readers would not be sure what to expect each day.  I really felt like I needed something to counterbalance the negative things with something much nicer. 

Anything nice can go on here; a kind act, a charity, any nice picture from anywhere, anything at all except for sexual or vulgar things.

Gotta love that pink and black theme!  So nice!  Unless, of course, you’re a guy.  In that case, sorry about the horrible pink and black!!

I’m assuming that this blog will be a lot harder to fill than the Stupid one.  It always seems as though there’s a lot more ‘Stupid’ in the world than ‘Nice’!

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