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I’ve never had the privilege of traveling much butI have been lucky enough to visit most Canadian provinces and my favourite by far is Saskatchewan.  People think it’s completely flat but not at all.  I like the wide open spaces, the amazing colours of the sky, the Big Muddy Badlands, but especially the fact that there’s a desert.  I also love the ‘ghost towns’ – they tell the history of the province.


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Horse Riding in Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan’s people are its heart and soul – warm, friendly and deeply connected to the land. Join Hidden Trails on a real working ranch getaway with breathtaking sunsets. Our River Valley Ranch is located close to Lake Diefenbaker, and is a unique opportunity to partake in day to day life on a real Saskatchewan ranch.  Here you can live the cowboy dream, riding and roping, and spending evenings around the campfire under a prairie sky.

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 Athabasca Sand Dunes, Sask.  Photo by P.P.David on

The above photo looks like snow but is actually sand.

Athabasca Sand Dunes

The Athabasca Sand Dunes consist of a series of dune fields stretching for about 100 kilometres along the south shore of Lake Athabasca in northwest Saskatchewan.  This is the largest active sand surface in Canada and one of the most northerly set of major dune fields in the world.  The outstanding scenery is combined with a unique ecosystem, rich in rare and endemic (found only here) plants which scientists consider an evolutionary puzzle.

In order to protect the fragile environment, the park has been divided into three management zones.  Each has different guidelines to govern camping and visitor activities.  These guidelines may change as required to maintain a healthy park environment.  Collecting plants, trees, ventifacts and artifacts is prohibited.  Fishing is allowed.

There are no communities, permanent residents, services, facilities or roads of any kind within or near the park.  Independent visitors must be fully equipped for self-contained wilderness travel, and be aware of the potential hazards as well as their responsibilities in protecting this fragile environment; recommended for experienced wilderness users only.


Forest turns to desert in the Northern extremes of Saskatchewan, where the storybook landscape of Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Wilderness Park lies virtually undiscovered, undisturbed
By Mark Abley with photography by Robin and Arlene Karpan

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 Shangrila – Pakistan

Photo by NotMicroButSoft

Shangrila Resort Skardu, also known as “Heaven on Earth”, is nestled amongst some of the world’s highest peaks. It encircles the heart shaped “Kachura Lake” and is surrounded by fruit laden orchards and flower filled gardens.

The lake above in Pakistan reminds me of Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada.  No wonder “Shangrila” has come to mean “heaven”!! 

Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada